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You only have one pair of eyes – protect them with the best gaming glasses. Below is a list of ten of the best gaming glasses on the market, guaranteed to eliminate digital eye strain when gaming. M300 Smart Glasses using the Intel Atom processor provide a hands-free platform for unprecedented access to digital information and collaborative tools for business and work.

Big ear cups with cushioned ear pads offer maximum comfort comparable to any other gaming headset. Many gaming glasses are both waterproof and scratchproof, ensuring that they will last you for at least one console generation, if not longer! The best gaming glasses will shield your eyes to protect them from many of the factors that cause eye strain and tension headaches.

It’s expensive, double the price of the most expensive console that’s currently out, and equivalent in price to the kind of beastly gaming PC you’ll need to run it. For the lens, the manufacturers used a special tint that is similar to what most other gaming glasses have.

The headsets are due to go on sale in the second half of 2017 for between $300 and $400. In addition to blue light reduction, the clarity and glare which comes along with fast paced gaming is also reduced with our gaming glasses. While gaming glasses can double as a pair of computer eyewear, a pair of computer eyewear will not double as a pair of gaming glasses.

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